Seebe leaves are the solution for various problems such as blemishes, wrinkles, skin problems on the face!

Women have to do everything to maintain the beauty of their face. Especially some people have problems with acne, blemishes and discoloration. Some people find it very annoying and no matter how many creams they use, it may not get rid of it. If some natural methods are used for this then it will work very effectively. One of these is pear leaves. If pear leaves are used then it will cure skin problems.

Avoidance of creases


  • For some people, skin wrinkles appear prematurely. Pear leaves contain more antioxidants than pears, which fight against free radicals.
  • It helps to avoid skin wrinkles. Skin-nourishing pear leaves reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


Getting rid of acne

Seebe or pear leaves are highly anti-bacterial properties which help to keep acne breakouts away due to bacteria. Pear leaves have anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin and prevent acne breakouts.


For the treatment of atopic dermatitis


  • The body releases a substance called histamine to fight foreign substances in the body. As a result, inflammation and allergy symptoms appear.
  • Pear leaves have anti-allergic properties which prevent the production of histamine. It is helpful for those suffering from atopic dermatitis.
  • The leaves have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness and itching of the skin caused by atopic dermatitis.


Removing stains

Pear leaves are very beneficial for removing red and black spots on the face. This leaf is also helpful in reducing inflammation and killing bacteria. It brightens the skin and fades blemishes.


How to use it?


  • Take some seebe leaf or pear leaves. If you have atopic dermatitis then take dried leaves.
  • Crush these leaves and put it in boiling water. Let it boil till the leaf turns colour. After this, let the water cool down and apply this water on the face using a cotton ball. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it off with water. Doing this twice a week will be very effective.
  • To get rid of atopic dermatitis, grind some dried seiba leaves in a bowl of hot water, soak it for a while and then apply it on the affected area of ​​your skin.
  • By doing this twice-thrice in a week, the problem of 'Atopic Dermatitis' will come under control



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