Men's jeans are seeing a lot of fun in the summer sun this year

As international and Indian labels have some serious fun with men's jeans, it is time for you to play along.


In Short

  • Designers are experimenting with men's jeans
  • Quirky patches, fringed hems and sequin embellishments are adorning men's denims
  • Extra-wide hems and bootcut jeans are back in trend

A sartorial accomplice across the seasons, jeans is a staple that no man can do without.

Team a classic blue pair with a crisp white shirt, and you look office-ready. Style the same jeans with a funky T-shirt, and you are aptly dressed to chill out. Replace that funky T-shirt with a white one, and add on a blazer and Oxford shoes; an elemental high-low look is ready.


But it is time to go beyond the foolproof simple blue denim jeans. The biggest designers around the world are having a lot of fun with jeans for men. So should you. The craze for quirky and playful jeans has also hit the Indian market, with homegrown Indian brands like Kanika Goyal, Dhruv Kapoor, and Huemn championing it with super-cool designs.


As we write this, superstar Salman Khan’s anime-inspired quirky jeans for 'Heeramandi' screening is still a topic of discussion.



What has changed in the world of men’s jeans

Everything – from the silhouette to the cuts, embellishments, and the colour palette – has transformed in the realm of men’s jeans. The good old classic vibe may be timeless, but the flavour of the season screams spunk and streetwear.

Skinny jeans, like for women (controversial but true), is passé for men as well.

“There has been a noticeable shift from the tight-fitted skinny jeans towards looser styles. Many brands are now offering jeans inspired by vintage aesthetics, featuring flares or wider legs, which are becoming popular among guys looking to refresh their denim collection. Playful denim, characterised by unique cuts, colours, and details, is also making waves as brands reinvent classic styles with a modern twist,” Amritha Ram, creative director of KH House of Khaddar, tells India Today.



This sartorial sentiment reflects in the new collections of brands including Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Ami Paris. As models walked the ramps for the Spring/Summer shows this year, they reinforced the fashion world’s keen interest in redefining men’s jeans.



The playful additions

Bootcut jeans, once deemed outdated, are back in vogue. Fit-wise, there is a strong shift from straight and skinny styles to roomier baggy hems. Sequin and shimmering embellishments are all set to dazzle men’s jeans again.

Ultra-wide jeans have created the maximum buzz. Moreover, stonewashed jeans and ones with peppy patches are being welcomed too. Oversized patch pockets have also emerged as top favourites for men’s jeans by top international brands like Amiri and Dsquared2.

Think of fringes. The delicate play of cascading threads mostly lends its stylish charm to women's wear. But in 2024, when gender-neutral clothing continues to get stronger, fringed hems are also a thing in men’s jeans as being advocated by labels like Fendi.

Loewe, LV, Amiri, and Japanese label Taakk’s new collections have also been high on eclectic prints on men’s jeans.


What’s going on in India

No surprises here, the scene in India aligns with the international landscape. Though not a mainstream trend yet, spunky jeans have been a subject of interest for a bevy of new-age Indian designers for a while now.



From Kanika Goyal’s signature two-tone hybrid pants to Rkive City’s upcycled denims made from export waste, there is a lot to explore.


Affordable casual clothing brands like Souled Store and Off-Duty have a lot to offer for men aiming to add a touch of quirk to their wardrobes with experimental denims.



How to go beyond classic blue jeans

Adding a few playful pairs of jeans can be a strong leap in making your wardrobe interesting. You don’t have to go all out with the quirk quotient in the first go, especially if foolproof classics have always defined your style.

Taking small steps would be a better approach. “One of the ways is by trying out different washes like black or grey denim, which can serve as a versatile substitute for the classic blue colour,” suggests designer Amritha Ram. In terms of different washes, you can also explore ombre numbers and bleached designs.



Another easy way to experiment would be to embrace varied silhouettes. Swapping that straight pair of jeans with a wider one can make a significant impact. Try rocking bootcut jeans for a more striking change.


Little details often make the biggest difference. Denims with distressed finishes, embroidered accents, and patchwork can prove to be game-changers for your fashion game. You can keep the shirts or T-shirts rather simplistic as you go saucier with your jeans selection.

Going denim-on-denim is another easy way to start with. Just ensure that the separates (jeans and shirt/jacket) are not of the same shade. Otherwise, stick to much-in-vogue denim coords.



Safe styling apart, oversized T-shirts and shirts look uber-cool with wider denims. Tucking in the upperwear is cool again, FYI.


Ultimately, it all comes down to feeling confident. Have fun with the jeans (just how designers are having), but always wear them (or any other piece of clothing) with unwavering confidence.





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