Medicines For Gaining Weight

What is weight gain

In this fast paced life, on one hand people are worried about their obesity and are trying every way to reduce their weight. On the other hand, people are worried about their thinness and are trying every way to increase their weight and make themselves a little fat. There is no harm in gaining weight. Neither being too fat is good for health nor being too thin is good for health. 

When you consume calories and rest physically, your body accumulates excess fluids which causes you to gain weight. If you are thin and want to increase your weight then this blog is especially for you. Increase in body weight is called weight gain. 

How to know that you are underweight and are thin - How to know that your weight is less or more

Before gaining weight, it is very important to know whether your weight is as much as it should be. You can use body mass index to find out whether your weight is less or more. In this process, weight is calculated in proportion to age and height. Apart from all this, if you are reading this blog, it means that your weight is less and you want to increase it. So let's know about the ways to increase weight.  

Side effects of weight loss - Wajan Kam Hone Ke Side Effects

  • You are always stressed due to weight loss. 
  • Because of the low weight, you feel shy and embarrassed to go out among people.
  • Due to weight loss, you feel scared of going to a wedding or party.
  • Due to low weight, you face problems in doing physical work (job).
  • Due to weight loss, you cannot wear your favorite clothes.
  • Due to weight loss, many negative thoughts start forming in your mind, due to which you become mentally disturbed.
  • Due to weight loss, you become an introvert and isolate yourself from your family, friends and the world.
  • Due to weight loss, a feeling of inferiority develops in the mind which hinders your development.
  • Due to weight loss your personality does not develop. 
  • Due to weight loss, self-confidence decreases.

To increase weight, people today pay special attention to their diet, exercise and do many other things. Today we are going to tell you about those things with the help of which you can increase your weight. 

Ways to increase weight - Wajan Badhane Ke Upaay


Mote Hone Ki Dawa This is an antihistamine drug whose job is to reduce the natural histamine present in the body and increase appetite. Due to increased appetite, your appetite increases, which brings about a significant change in your diet. You start consuming more calories throughout the day. In this process, your weight increases in a natural and healthy way. You can consume 2 to 8 mg of this medicine four times a day.    


Mota Hone Ki Dawa - This is an anabolic steroid that helps in developing muscle tissue. This medicine is helpful in increasing weight. This medicine is prohibited for small children, so children should not consume it. Take 5 to 10 mg of this medicine four times a day. 


Mota Hone Ka Dawa This medicine is known to increase weight effectively. People use it in large quantities. You can also take it to increase your weight. Take 25 to 50 mg once a day.   


Mota Hone Ki Tablet This medicine increases appetite and appetite. Consuming it increases appetite very quickly, due to which your diet increases which helps in increasing weight. Consume 2.5 mg throughout the day. 

Apart from taking these medicines, you can also use other things which will help you in gaining weight. Such as 

  • Have a full and deep sleep.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Drink more water.
  • Stay away from stress.
  • Avoid unhealthy things.
  • Stay away from junk foods.
  • Adopt good habits.
  • Consume dairy products.
  • Eat meat.
  • Include green vegetables in your diet.
  • Eat small amounts of food six to seven times throughout the day.
  • Eat fruits.
  • Consume dry fruits.
  • Consume honey.
  • Eat Chyavanaprash.

Most importantly, before taking any kind of medicine, consult a doctor. Avoid taking medicines according to your wish. Also, if you are using anything other than medicines to gain weight, then tell the doctor about it as well. The doctor will always give you the right advice after examining your body. Always follow the doctor's advice and if you have any questions, talk to him.

Disclaimer: This blog is written for general information. If you are suffering from any disease, please consult a doctor and take any decision based on the doctor's advice.


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