How many types of lipstick textures are there? Know the difference between them

You and all of us like to apply lipstick. Nowadays you will find many varieties of lipsticks in the market, which include shades of lipsticks ranging from liquid to creamy texture. Along with this, you will also get many types of color options very easily. Many types of skin problems arise in the winter season, out of which dryness is quite common. Let us tell you that with the change of season, many types of changes occur in the skin, due to which from the skin of the face to the lips start becoming dry.

Liquid Lipstick


Let us tell you that in winter season your lips are already dry, so you should avoid liquid lipstick. This is because the use of liquid lipstick makes your lips even more dry. On the other hand, if you are using liquid lipstick, then hydrate the lips before applying lipstick and for this you can use lip oil or lip balm.

use lip gloss

If you like to apply lipstick, then you can use lip gloss over matte lipstick. By doing this, your lips will not look dry. Along with this, you will also get a new look. Keep in mind that before applying matte lipstick, you must use lip balm on your lips so that your lips look beautiful after applying gloss.


Cream based lipsticks are the best

To protect your lips from dryness during winters, you can use cream textured lipstick instead of matte or liquid. This is because cream based lipstick already contains a lot of lip oil, which helps in hydrating the lips. It also protects your lips from cracking

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